Runar Söderholm CEO

Born 1957.
CEO since 20 January 2017.

Runar has been active in the property industry, holding senior positions, since 1998. He has worked successfully in both commercial and residential property. Runar was previously CEO of a credit market company and also has solid experience in property-related investments, primarily through bonds and mezzanine loans.

In addition to his directorship and assignments in Rosewood Development Group, Runar is chairman of Gilbert Trading i Jönköping Aktiebolag, Gilbert Trading Engros Aktiebolag and Next Trend Sverige AB, and a director of Scanergy South AB, NTI Management AB, Sävar Vind AB, Lean & Green Systems AB and Nordisk Förmögenhetsförvaltning AB.

Previous assignments:
CEO Concent Holding AB 2015-2016. CEO Solidum AB 2012-2014. CEO RCC Göteborg AB 2012-2014.

Pantea Lagerlöf Marketing Manager

Born 1978.
Marketing Manager since 2017.

Pantea has 15 years' experience in marketing, sales and purchasing. She has previously held senior executive positions for several businesses with a primary focus on consumer products.

In addition to her directorship in Rosewood Development Group, Pantea is a  director of NTI Management AB and Nordisk Förmögenhetsförvaltning AB.

Previous assignments:
Majestic store Mall of Scandinavia 2015-2016, Sunstore Mall of Scandinavia 2015-2016.


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